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A turnkey approach to information security, access, and privacy compliance.

Emerging regulatory requirements and cybersecurity threats are putting information security and data privacy into the spotlight. Many private and public sector organizations lack the resources and expertise to address these challenges. Vayle can help.  

Over 50 enterprise and public sector organizations trust Vayle to support their information security, access, and privacy compliance programs.

Bolster your cybersecurity posture and achieve technical certifications with support from our trusted information security experts.
Automate FOI tracking, response, and annual reporting obligations with our cloud-based compliance and analytics platform.
Process personal information confidently with our unified privacy advisor and online compliance training solution.

Our solutions cover a wide range of regulations and frameworks, including GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, PIPEDA, FIPPA, FOIPPA, MFIPPA, NIST, ISO 27001, and SOC 2.


Why information security, access, and privacy compliance should matter to your organization.

Avoid Legal and Financial Risk

Non-compliance with data protection regulations may result in substantial fines, reputational damage, civil lawsuits, and personal liability exposure for board members.

Prevent Lost Sales

As organizations seek to secure their supply chains, cyber and data security questionnaires are becoming increasingly common. Vendors that cannot satisfy client requirements may lose business.

Enhance Customer Trust

By taking a proactive and transparent approach to data protection, organizations can enhance their reputation and brand, bolstering revenue growth and retention.

Reduce Breach Risk

Organizations that adopt information security controls are better positioned to reduce the risks and liabilities associated with data breaches.

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