Many public sector entities use spreadsheets, word processing software, and email applications to manage Freedom of Information (FOI) compliance. This approach often results in significant effort, fragmented workflows, and an increased risk of missing required response dates. 

Vayle FOI provides a single platform that enables public sector institutions to record, track, and respond to FOI inquiries with ease. Vayle recently partnered with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) to help Ontario local governments streamline and automate their FOI compliance programs.

Program dashboard

Access a birds-eye view of your entire FOI program, including files by category, YoY statistics, and outstanding tasks at a manager or individual level.

Task management

Input tasks, classifications, due dates, and comments at a file level to ensure that your FOI program remains on track.

Online form

Streamline FOI request management with Vayle's integrated online form, enabling efficient request capture, fee processing, and real-time staff notifications.

Email alerts

Stay on top of your deadlines effortlessly with our email alerts feature, ensuring timely notifications for all your deliverables and tasks.

Compliance workflow

Navigate through each stage of the compliance process, ensuring that all requirements are covered, as mandated by legislation and directives.

Report automation

Instantly publish annual reports for the IPC and regulators in their prescribed formats in just two easy steps.

File management

Efficiently create and track progress for each request, including associated notes, documented exemptions, fees, supporting files, response letters and other information.

FOI insights

Generate and customize reports for internal stakeholders based on incomplete requests, active requests, dispositions, completion time, preparation time, YoY comparisons and other criteria.

Automated letters

Publish automated response letters in the document library, including acknowledgment and decision letters, search memos, and third-party notifications.

Fee calculations

Track time and fixed charges associated with researching and producing files for those requesting access to files, both internally and among external groups.

File search

Easily search and access files across your entire repository based on file number, file name, and other unique identifiers.

Activity log

Track activities within the platform at a user level, enabling administrators to piece together file histories and support internal or third-party audits.

Calendar tracking

Keep track of FOI request due dates using our built-in calendar feature. Simply double-click on a request within the calendar to instantly access files.

User entitlements

Manage entitlements at a granular level enabling multiple users to access the platform without compromising file integrity or confidentiality.

Appeals management

Document and manage all aspects of the appeals process, including the intake, mediation, notice of inquiry, final order, and reconsideration stages.

Security safeguards

Leverage our security features such as two-factor authentication and other built-in safeguards to protect your data.

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