Head of Cybersecurity

Daniel has over 25 years of experience leading and mentoring security, technical, and programming teams. He has managed complex security and IT projects for clients across various sectors, including legal, healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services. Daniel’s expertise encompasses conducting cybersecurity risk reviews and gap assessments against frameworks such as HIPAA, ISO 27001, and NIST 800-53.

Daniel has successfully led sales, acquisitions, and integrations of multiple technology companies. He is also the architect of numerous award-winning products and services.

​A tech evangelist to anyone who will listen, Daniel regularly speaks on panel discussions and delivers keynote addresses to business leaders and IT executives.

Dana Barron

Senior FOI Advisor

With 27 years of experience as a sworn police officer, including 7 years as the FOI for the Hamilton Police and serving as a Director at Large on the Freedom of Information Police Network (FOIPN) Executive, Dana is a seasoned information access and privacy professional in the FOI sector.

Her unique blend of police experience and knowledge allows her to understand the challenges organizations and institutions face when decisions are appealed, making her a go-to resource for assistance. Dana has developed a passion for writing representations during the adjudication stage of the appeal process.

​In addition to her experience in the FOI sector, Dana also served on the FOIPN Executive as a Director at Large. Her expertise and understanding of the difficulties that arise during appeals has made her a person that others would contact for assistance. With her commitment to providing expert guidance, Dana takes pleasure in assisting individuals and organizations with their FOI challenges.


Lead FOI Advisor

Sherry is an experienced information access and privacy professional in the Freedom of Information (FOI) and privacy sector. Her extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the release of information and her understanding of the complexities of records management has made her a highly respected and sought-after expert in the field.

Sherry has held the positions of FOI Analyst and Freedom of Information Supervisor during her 30 years of service with the London Police Service. Over that period, Sherry also served on the LEARN (Law Enforcement and Records Management Network) subcommittee for Record Checks and the Freedom of Information Police Network (FOIPN) Executive as Co-Chair.

Sherry takes great pride in her contributions to the information access and privacy sector and in helping clients address complex FOI challenges.


Vice President, Business Development

Michael likes to help people. Throughout his career, that means leading through rapid change and the adoption of new technology. As a leader in the development of new businesses, products and services, he has closed over $21 million in early-stage sales and raised over $50 million in investment by listening to customers and sparking winning ideas.

As an early-stage employee, advisor, and investor, Michael has been their “boots on the ground” to ease the transition across sectors, cultures and geographies during key moments of digital transformation, economic shifts and rapid growth. As the founder of the first Startup Grind chapters in Canada and Cdling Capital Services, Michael has helped connect, educate and finance hundreds of early-stage startups in Ontario.

Michael focused his MBA on Social Capital Value Add, the idea that the convergence of human social networks, media (software) and the internet creates previously unachievable efficiencies and value. He has been a frequent speaker and writer, with his work appearing in the Globe and Mail, the Financial Post, Huffington Post, IT Business Canada and on The Agenda with Steve Paiken.


Lead Software Architect

John is a tenured software developer and systems analyst with over 20 years of professional experience leading development projects from conception to deployment. He has held software architect and development roles at organizations ranging from start-ups to large multi-national firms across various sectors, including consumer goods, healthcare, government, and retail.

John has strong project leadership skills and fluency in multiple programming languages and has experience working through the entire software development life cycle, including requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, interface implementation, testing, and maintenance.

John received a Bachelor of Mathematics, Honors Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He is also a Certified Practitioner for Cybersecurity Certification (CPCSC).


Founder and CEO

Shaun previously held senior executive positions at Thomson Reuters, Nasdaq, and TMX Group, where he led global technology businesses and digital transformation programs. He was also CEO and co-founder of Streamlogics, a leading webcasting and compliance solutions provider acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2009.

In his former roles, Shaun experienced firsthand the complexities of managing personal information and maintaining compliance with global privacy regulations. This inspired him to build solutions that simplify data protection and privacy compliance for organizations of all sizes.

Shaun is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario. He also holds a CIPM (Privacy Program Management) designation from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).