Dana Barron

Senior FOI Advisor
Dana Barron


With 27 years of experience as a sworn police officer, including 7 years as the FOI for the Hamilton Police and serving as a Director at Large on the Freedom of Information Police Network (FOIPN) Executive, Dana is a seasoned information access and privacy professional in the FOI sector.

Her unique blend of police experience and knowledge allows her to understand the challenges organizations and institutions face when decisions are appealed, making her a go-to resource for assistance. Dana has developed a passion for writing representations during the adjudication stage of the appeal process.

In addition to her experience in the FOI sector, Dana also served on the FOIPN Executive as a Director at Large. Her expertise and understanding of the difficulties that arise during appeals has made her a person that others would contact for assistance. With her commitment to providing expert guidance, Dana takes pleasure in assisting individuals and organizations with their FOI challenges.


Phone : 1(877) 515-3282

Email: [email protected]