Bolster your cybersecurity posture and achieve technical certifications with support from our trusted information security experts.
Automate FOI tracking, response, and annual reporting obligations with our cloud-based compliance and analytics platform.
Process personal information confidently with our unified privacy advisor and cloud-based consent management solution.
Implement cybersecurity and privacy compliance education campaigns, reinforced by phishing simulations with our SaaS platform.

Risk Events

Businesses often scramble to develop a data protection and privacy program AFTER one of the following events occurs:

A data breach of personal information, requiring the affected organization to report the incident to relevant privacy authorities and impacted data subjects.

A Complaint

An individual or privacy activist files a formal complaint with the local data privacy regulator about an organization's data privacy or protection practices.

A Client Request

A sales prospect or client issues a questionnaire, RFP, or audit which requires disclosure and evidence of a vendor's data protection program. Insurers may ask for the same.

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