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Keeping up with information access, privacy, and security compliance obligations can be daunting for many public sector entities. Not only must you fulfill FOI requests, but you must also perform Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and Security Threat Risk Assessments (STRAs) and stay up-to-date on compliance regulations. These challenges can become even more difficult to manage when faced with expertise gaps or short-term staffing shortages.

At Vayle, we understand the difficulties public sector entities face in fulfilling their information compliance programs. That’s why we offer a flexible advisory services engagement and model designed with scalability and flexibility in mind. Contact us today about how we can help.

Fractional FOI Support

Vayle FOIdesk provides public sector entities with access to skilled FOI experts on a part-time basis. This service is particularly useful during peak demand periods or staffing shortages, when meeting FOI compliance requirements can be most challenging. Avoid the time commitment and costs of hiring full-time FOI staff while still benefiting from the expertise of our tenured professionals. We will ensure that FOI requests are processed accurately and promptly, enabling your organization to comply with regulatory requirements and save money.

Supplier Questionnaires and Monitoring

The age of digital transformation in the public sector has introduced new cybersecurity and privacy compliance risks. Third parties, such as suppliers, partners, contractors and service providers that have access to internal personal, sensitive, or confidential information, as well as systems and processes, should be assessed and monitored. Vayle’s information security and privacy compliance experts will draft, assess, and monitor supplier risk for your public sector entity.

Privacy Impact Assessments

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) have become an increasingly important tool to help public entities identify and mitigate risks associated with compromising the privacy of individuals. Failure to conduct PIAs may result in regulatory fines, civil litigation and reputational harm. Our senior privacy advisors have conducted PIAs using various frameworks for public sector entities across Canada. Learn more about PIAs in our CEO’s op-ed “7 Steps to Undertaking a Privacy Impact Assessment” published in IT World Canada.

Security Threat Risk Assessments

Often paired with PIAs, Security Threat Risk Assessments (STRAs) are sometimes mandated and often essential prior to introducing new technology or services into an organization. Vayle’s senior information security advisors have conducted STRAs for organizations and projects of all sizes. We will handle all aspects of your next STRA, including identify potential threats, assessing vulnerabilities, analyzing risks, and developing mitigation strategies.

Privacy Program Development

An effective privacy program will ensure that you achieve compliance requirements, meet client and business partner expectations, and minimize data breach risks. The best way to accomplish this is by implementing an established framework, such as NIST Privacy Framework or AICPA/CICA. We will work closely with your organization to deploy and manage the appropriate framework to achieve your organization's objectives.

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