Sherry Joyes

Lead FOI Advisor


Sherry is an experienced information access and privacy professional in the Freedom of Information (FOI) and privacy sector. Her extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the release of information and her understanding of the complexities of record management has made her a highly respected and sought-after expert in the field.

Sherry has held the positions of FOI Analyst and Freedom of Information Supervisor during her 30 years of service with the London Police Service. Over that period, Sherry also served on the LEARN (Law Enforcement and Records Management Network) subcommittee for Record Checks and the Freedom of Information Police Network (FOIPN) Executive as Co-Chair.

​Sherry takes great pride in her contributions to the information access and privacy sector and in helping clients address complex FOI challenges.


Phone : 1(877) 515-3282

Email: [email protected]