The Bar is Rising

Businesses and government entities are under more pressure than ever to shore up their information security defenses. Customers, insurers, regulators, and other third parties are increasingly demanding evidence that effective controls and safeguards are in place. Most small and medium-sized organizations lack the resources to hire an experienced CISO to help mitigate external and internal information security risks.

Flexible Virtual CISO Solutions

At Vayle, we understand that most small and medium-sized organizations require experienced security experts to help navigate cybersecurity risks and third-party demands. Our senior CISO experts have supported a wide range of organizations and industries, including start-ups, large corporations, and public sector entities. We bring a balanced approach to every client engagement, combining a disciplined approach to controls and safeguards with realistic implementation plans.

Whether you require an interim CISO or ongoing fractional support, Vayle can help. Reach out today for a no-obligation consultation.

Our services include:

Fractional CISO

Leverage the expertise of our information and cybersecurity experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time resources. With decades of experience working across multiple industries (healthcare, government, technology, and education), our team understands what is required to implement enterprise-grade security standards.

Cybersecurity Health Assessment

Does your organization have the necessary systems, controls, and policies in place to identify and protect against cybersecurity attacks? We will assign a dedicated information security expert to assess your cybersecurity health rating. A detailed report will be provided, documenting gaps and remediation plans to get you back on track.

Certification support

Our team will identify and document regulatory requirements, including potential and actual risks to privacy, risk mitigation strategies, solutions, and benefits. Vayle's information security experts will also conduct a Security Threat Risk Assessment (STRA), if warranted.

Policies and procedures

Many data breaches are preventable or can be contained, with the proper policies and procedures in place. Such policies include Acceptable Use, Remote Access, Incident Response, Business Continuity, and Third-Party Risk, to name a few. We will work closely with your stakeholders to design policies that are purposeful, aligned, and actionable.

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