Consent Management Platform

Fully customize every aspect of the consent management experience for your website and apps, including which legal basis should be used for each service, colors, user behavior, and whether or not you want a “deny” button.

Keep informed on changes to your website using our monitoring solution, which will identify new cookies which require disclosure and classification, updated daily.

Category-level customization

Quickly and easily classify data processing services (Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) used on your website or app into defined categories. You can choose from over 1,000 services that include all legally mandatory information, or create your own.

Geo-intelligent consent

Did you know that consent requirements vary by jurisdiction? Privacy Hub enables you to customize the consent rules on your website and apps at a regional level through IP addresses. Additionally, you can choose from more than 40 languages to be shown to your users.

Permission controls

The configuration of consent management messaging and rules often involve multiple departments and users. Privacy Hub enables user permissions to be assigned by the account administrator at a granular level, ensuring only those authorized to make changes can do so.

Reporting and insights

Our powerful reporting interface allows admins to monitor critical metrics within easy-to-read analytics graphs. Trial multiple approaches to banner placement and messaging to optimize opt-in rates and advertising opportunities.

Monitoring and audit-readiness

Utilize our partner website scanner to ensure your cookie disclosures are kept current and are accurate. Proof of consent along with detailed audit trails are available in the event regulators or data subjects, demand evidence.

Easy setup

Once custom configurations are in place (legal disclosures, banner vs. wall, colors, etc.), easily integrate the JavaScript/ SDK into your platform and connect all services to be controlled by the consent management platform.

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