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    Mitigate Data Privacy and Protection Risks

    Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) have become an increasingly important tool to help organizations identify and mitigate risks associated with compromising the privacy of individuals. Failure to conduct PIAs may result in regulatory fines, civil litigation, lost customers, and reputational harm. Vayle can help.

    Experience Matters

    Our privacy and information security advisors have conducted PIAs for a wide range of organizations and industries, including startups, large corporations, government, and non-profits. We support both private and public sector regulatory frameworks, including GDPR, PPIPS (Québec), PHIPA, FIPPA, and FOIPPA, to name a few.

    Learn more about the PIA process by checking out our latest op-ed in IT World Canada, “7 steps to undertaking a Privacy Impact Assessment”.

    Our services include:

    Preliminary Analysis

    A pre-assessment will be conducted to determine whether your project involves the collection, use, retention, disclosure, security, or disposal of personal information, as defined by applicable regulations.

    Project Analysis

    We will identify and record all specific information about your project, including stakeholders, and the type and manner in which personal information is being processed, secured, and disposed of.

    Privacy Analysis

    Our team will identify and document regulatory requirements, including potential and actual risks to privacy, risk mitigation strategies, solutions, and benefits. Vayle's information security experts will also conduct a Security Threat Risk Assessment (STRA) if warranted.

    PIA Report

    A final report will be provided, documenting all findings and recommended solutions. We will conduct future reviews of your project to determine whether PIA controls are adequate and assess privacy impacts related to material changes.