Compliance Training

Staff members and elected officials that fall prey to hackers or breach privacy laws may put your organization at risk of financial loss and reputational harm. Studies have shown that training and awareness programs can substantially reduce such risks. 

Vayle will manage all aspects of your program, including setup, content selection, delivery, phishing campaigns, and ongoing management. Our online content covers a wide range of information access security and privacy compliance topics, including courses purpose-built for the public sector.  FIPPA and MFIPPA compliance modules are scheduled to be added in the Spring of 2023.

Program customization

We will help design and develop a training and phishing simulation program that meets your organization's unique needs. This includes selecting the appropriate courses and campaigns based upon your industry, region, regulatory requirements, number of employees, and level of staff awareness.

Recognition driven

All participants will receive a Personal Risk Score after completing an onboarding questionnaire. Using a status and recognition-based rewards approach, their scores will increase or decrease based on program performance. Organizations can report risk scores in real-time at a group or individual level.

Extensive library

Training content is mindful by design and covers a breadth of cyber security and privacy topics that are relevant to the Canadian public sector. Choose from over 100 courses, including video and slide formats, ranging from brief micro-sessions to 30 minutes in duration. Content and back-end administration is provided in both English and French.

Actionable insights

Reporting is provided at both a corporate and participant level. Individualized risk scores show employees where they need to maintain or improve their cyber-aware posture. Insights can be used to establish where organizations need to focus to improve their awareness, risk and compliance posture.

Phishing simulations

Research has proven that phishing open rates can be dramatically reduced through the delivery of repeated campaigns. We will help develop and deploy realistic phishing simulations using proven templates or customized for your organization. Campaign reports will highlight phishes your team is falling for, click-through rate, and reporting rate, with the ability to drill down by department.

Campaign guidance

The most effective training and awareness programs focus on continuous improvement. Throughout the year, your support representative will check in to review the performance of your campaigns. This includes assessing risk scores, suggesting training modules, and providing advice on how to boost program engagement.

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