Information Security-as-a-Service

According to a recent global study, the proportion of firms impacted by cyberattacks rose from 38% to 43% in the past year.  One-sixth of businesses affected by ransomware incidents said they were nearly put out of business.

Organizations are under more pressure than ever to protect their critical data assets.  Vayle can help. We offer a full suite of cybersecurity and technical certification support services for both one-time reviews and ongoing engagements.

Fractional cybersecurity manager

Leverage the expertise of our information and cybersecurity experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time resources. With decades of experience working across multiple industries (healthcare, government, technology, and education), our team understands what is required to implement enterprise-grade security standards.

Cybersecurity health assessment

Does your organization have the necessary systems, controls, and policies in place to identify and protect against cybersecurity attacks? We will assign a dedicated information security expert to assess your cybersecurity health rating. A detailed report will be provided, documenting gaps and remediation plans to get you back on track.

Compliance support

Suppliers are increasingly expected to provide evidence of security controls to win and retain business. Our information security advisors have helped hundreds of companies achieve NIST compliance and prepare for ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certifications. Working closely with your team, we will identify and document inadequate controls, policies and procedures, ensuring compliance standards are achieved.

Policies and procedures

Many data breaches are preventable or can be contained, with the proper policies and procedures in place. Such policies include: Acceptable Use, Remote Access, Incident Response, Business Continuity, and Third-Party Risk, to name a few. We will work closely with your stakeholders to design policies that are purposeful, aligned, and actionable.

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