Data Privacy-as-a-Service

Complying with information access and privacy regulations is a challenge for most organizations. Vayle’s integrated software and advisory services help public sector organizations manage FOI and privacy compliance measures with ease.

All advisors are available for fractional or extended engagement programs.  Contact Vayle today to find out how we can help save money and mitigate compliance risks.

Fractional data protection advisor

With over 100 modern data privacy regulations now in place and more on the way, it is increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain compliance. Leverage the expertise of our specialized data protection and privacy experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time. Whether you’re a start-up or a larger organization looking to augment your team, we will provide a support model aligned with your objectives and budget.

Privacy program development

An effective privacy program will ensure that you achieve compliance requirements, meet client and business partner expectations, and minimize data breach risks. The best way to accomplish this is by implementing an established framework, such as the NIST Privacy Framework or AICPA/CICA. We will work closely with your organization to select the appropriate approach to achieve your business goals.

Privacy impact assessments

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a risk management process that analyzes how personal information is collected, used, shared, maintained, and secured before a project, product, or service is launched or substantially modified. The objective is to identify, record, and mitigate risks that may compromise the privacy of individuals or breach legal, regulatory, and policy obligations. Learn more about how Vayle’s privacy and information security advisors can help with your PIA requirements.

Data processor reviews

Data controllers must ensure specific requirements are met when sharing personal information with third-party data processors or covered service providers. Such conditions include ensuring that data processors maintain adequate security measures, use the data only as permitted, and delete data according to contracted terms. We will help identify, manage, and, if necessary, audit those you share data with to ensure compliance requirements are met.

Information Access

Vayle FOI, formerly Nordat FOI, provides a single, integrated application that enables users to easily record, track, and respond to FOI requests. Purpose-built for the Canadian public sector, Vayle FOI customers include municipalities of all sizes, police agencies, and provincial ministries.

Data inventory and RoPA

Good data governance begins with a detailed record of the data you are processing, the purpose for which it is being processed, and how it is flowing around internal and external systems. We will coordinate with your internal teams and third-party data processors to build and maintain a data inventory. For those covered under Article 30 of GDPR, we will also develop and manage your record of processing activities (RoPA).

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